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​Wednesday, 5 April at 1600 hours

April Meeting - Spying From 80,000 Feet

COL Barry MacKean (Retired) was very fortunate to have been one of a handful of Air Force officers (less than 250 in the history of the program) who flew operational missions in the world's fastest and highest flying aircraft -- the SR-71.  A more politically correct term for spying would be reconnaissance, which is what the aircraft did magnificently for over thirty years in support of the National Command Authority (the President of the United States and his staff).

COL MacKean will make a short presentation describing the merits of the SR-71 and what made it such an incredible aircraft, for those who are unfamiliar with it.  He will also discuss what it is like to fly above 80,000 feet at over 2,100 MPH. 

COL MacKean served over 26 years in the Air Force, beginning in 1966, flying in the B-52 and FB-111 before being chosen to fly the SR-71.  He should have some good stories to tell!!!

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​The Luke Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).

Luke Chapter was first chartered on 17 January 1980 in the State of Arizona as the Sun City West Chapter.  MOAA was called TROA (The Retired Officer Association) at the time.

The chapter, along with National MOAA, provides non-partisan support for active duty military and veterans and their families.

Thursday, 13 April - 1700 hours
PebbleCreek Tuscany Ballroom